Could you live off $39.30 a day?

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Why we are calling for a raise to Newstart

Our social safety net should ensure people can afford a roof over their head and food on the table when they are unable to support themselves.

Yet payments like Newstart and Youth Allowance are so low that many people are unable to pay for essentials.

Today, over 800,000 people are struggling to live on as little as $39 per day. People locked out of paid work, carers, parents, and students are being forced to choose between eating a meal and paying the rent or buying shoes for their children and maintaining their health.

Newstart has not increased in real terms in 24 years and has failed to keep up with the rising costs of living. Newstart has fallen ever further below the poverty line and behind average wages.

Newstart and other income support payments must be a true support, not a pathway to poverty.

Raising the Rate of Newstart and related payments is the first step toward mending our social safety net, ensuring there is a roof over every head and a meal on every table.