Useful links

  • Raise the Rate (ACOSS)


  • Share the Pie (Brotherhood of St Laurence)


  • Budget Standards Research (University of New South Wales)

This research demonstrates the inadequacy of Newstart and other support payments by calculating the minimum income a household needs to meet essential costs and stay healthy. Our animation and policy recommendations are based on this research.


  • Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union


  • Anti-poverty Network South Australia


  • Film Clip: It’s Time To Raise Newstart (“It’s Time” Gough Whitlam Jingle Rendition)

The Newstart Choir was formed in South Australia and comprises unemployed people, pensioners, single parents, and workers who all support a raise to Newstart. They’ve recorded a rousing reworked rendition of the iconic “It’s Time” jingle, used by the Labor Party and Gough Whitlam in the 1972 federal election. This is brilliant work by our friends at Anti-Poverty Network SA, and everyone else involved!